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We have called 2021 the year to sit down and regroup; and we feel there is no better time to do it than with a nice relaxing hot bath....

While 2020 threw us all into a tailspin. It created or exacerbated issues we haven't dealt with in our lives. It showed us who and what we are all made of.

If used wisely 2020 afforded many of us time we didn't have to accomplish may deeds and tasks the we once only dreamed of accomplishing.

So now it is time to focus, regroup, and move forward.

We have created 14 new handmade bath accessories in the past 30 days that will help you embark on your journey to plan your future; not to mention all of the wonderful bath accessories we already had. We have something for everyone. Each bath accessory allows your to unwind in an atmosphere like no other. Each bath add-on will let you mind be freed and allows your creativity to blossom.

Not only will your mind appreciate these, but your skin/body will as well. Muscle and skin softening agents will employ full rejuvenation to to the body; while the mind can focus on the future tasks envisioned by your alone time.

So shop with us the acquire the needed bath supplements to take you to nuvanua❣

*Bath Truffles

*Bath Salt Soaks

*Bath Pinwheels

*Bath Bombs

P.S. We so added shower fizzles for those who absolutely hate baths.


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