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As we fight to stay germ & illness free....


With masks being out new normal. We still find ourselves in spaces that still look as thought their air quality isn't safe. So we will soon be selling portable rechargeable misters.

These little devices will hold water & your favorite essential oil to mist when need to purify/cleanse your personal space.

Essential oils can not only help purify air they can also help sanitize areas. So these devices are your double duty defense team.

Adding these small devices to your arsenal of personal illness prevention squad will prove to aide in warding off many pollutants in the air and on surfaces.

Essential oils have been proven to also help improve mood & reduce anxiety. As old man winter approaches & daylight get less; while dreary weather takes over adding the right oil has help you get through the winter as well.

Cold, flu, and still fighting Covid-19 season is upon us. So help yourself and your loved ones.


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