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New Normal

With a new enemy (COVID 19) in out midst we ALL must develop a NEW NORMAL for our lives. The hustle & bustle life we all once lived, has changed possible forever. Long gone are the days of careless and fancy free living. We all now have to be focused and intentional with everything we do. From just running to the store or gas station to grocery shopping for ourselves or our family. We must all be diligent in safely protecting ourselves from germs & bacteria like never before.

Our company will soon be selling scented foaming milk bath. Using this product on a regular basis will not only help soften your skin and help you relax away the day; but it will also help disinfectant and sanitize your body from the germs we can't avoid coming in contact with.

Bathing has been proven to more beneficial and sanitary than just showering as it allows your pores to open causing the body to rid itself of the things than have settled into our skin rather than just washing off the top surface layer.

So for the safety and cleanliness of you and your family consider making a purchase today.

8oz. $12

16oz. $20


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