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New Year=New You❣

We have crossed over into a new year and many may have made resolutions to exercise and eat better in an effort to loose weight & live a healthier lifestyle.

However, that may not be so easy for many people. After many years on self sabotage our systems may need a Jumpstart!

We offer many massage and bodywork modalities that can help!

We offer abdominal massage to help those with sluggish bowels.We offer Lymphatic Drainage Massage to help open your Lymphatic System to promote natural drainage and secretion. Pairing the two together can have phenomenal results to reduce that excess bloating we all can experience from time to time, while promoting better digestion and regular bowel movements.

We offer body cavication, cryo-freeze, laser lipo, and a host of other noninvasive treatments to help with ridding your body of unwanted fat.

Call is today for you FREE CONSULTATION at 313-995-2374.

We look forward to working with you SOON & Have a Blessed Day❣


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