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Sit Down & Unwind 2/2021

We have called 2021 the year to sit down and regroup; and we feel there is no better time to do it than with a nice relaxing hot bath....

This month's featured bath accessory is our:


This luxurious salt soak includes the following ingredients:

Epsom Salt, Pink Sea Salt, Lavender Essential Oil, Dried Lavender Bulbs, Cornflower Fireworks Petals, and Butterfly Pea Flower.

Each ingredients was chosen to engulf your body while soothing your muscles and easing your mind.

While the look of the soak is not only pleasing to the eyes as the scent is tantalizing to the nose but the blue explosion when the soak hits the water will have you amazed❣

Watch as the blue color explodes in your bathtub to welcome you into an enchanted experience like never before.

Order yours today.


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